Tokyo previews – Women’s 800m

The American’s lead the charge in an event where many women can make credible claims to a potential medal. Here’s our preview for the women’s 800m.


Friday 30 July 01:55am (Heats), Saturday 31 July 12:50pm (Semifinals), Tuesday 3 August 13:25pm (Final)

2021 Top Times

2021 RankingTimeAthleteCountry
11.56.07Athing MuUSA
21.56.28Rose Mary AlmanzaCuba
31.56.44Natoya GouleJamaica
41.56.67Werkwuha GetachewEthiopia
51.56.73Laura MuirGB & NI
61.56.96Jemma ReekieGB & NI
71.57.20Kate GraceUSA
81.57.51Keely HogkinsonGB & NI
91.57.57Freweyni GebreezibeherEthiopia
101.57.66Raevyn RogersUSA

British interest

Jemma Reekie, Keely Hodgkinson and Alexandra Bell make up the 800m team, the first two of which can have realistic desires on a medal with Bell a credible potential finalist.

The favourites

The nature of Athing Mu’s dominant US trials victory makes her favourite but both Rose Mary Almanza and Natoya Goule have made a genuine three way challenge. Keely Hodgkinson will hope for reversals to clear defeats in Stockholm to Goule and Almanza but Reekie did get the better of Almanza after the Cuban’s suicidal early pace in Monaco. In a tactical race this is genuinely wide open but Athing Mu has run a blistering 400 (49.57, 4th in the world this year) so will fancy herself in any kind of race.

Halimah Nakaayi is the reigning World Champion from Doha and Ajee Wilson from USA will be in contention despite not showing her cards on the European circuit. Raevyn Rogers was silver in Doha and will be heading to Tokyo.

Our medal predictions

  1. Athing Mu
  2. Natoya Goule
  3. Keely Hodgkinson


WR: 1.53.28 Jarmila Kratochvílová (1983)

OR: 1.53.43 Nadezhda Olizarenko (1980)

Featured image “File:DOH40227 800m women final nakaayi (48910954531).jpg” by filip bossuyt from Kortrijk, Belgium is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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